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QuickDice Trading Software and Inventory Software

Trading Software and Inventory Software

Welcome to QuickDice's Trading Software – your comprehensive solution for managing sales, procurement, operations, and stock efficiently. This module seamlessly integrates with the accounts module and caters to various businesses, including trading, construction, and more, providing you with a complete and insightful overview of your operations.


Introducing the Trading Software and Inventory Software in Saudi Arabia

A crucial part of contemporary business operations is the Trading Software and Inventory Software in Saudi Arabia, which effectively integrates inventory management and trading into a single, integrated system. This module is essential to the effective operation of companies that purchase, sell, and distribute tangible items. Its main goals are to increase overall effectiveness, simplify procedures, and make sure companies can satisfy client demands while optimizing inventory levels.

Trading Software and Inventory Management in Saudi Arabia includes several important features: First of all, it gives businesses the opportunity to track inventories in real time and keep an eye on stock levels, item availability, and item location data. The ability to see things in real time helps avoid problems like product overstocking or understocking. The module also oversees the complete order processing workflow, from order creation to order fulfilment. It decreases errors and increases order accuracy by automating procedures including order confirmation, picking, packing, and shipping.

Why Choose QuickDice's Trading and Inventory Management Module?


Streamline your sales and procurement processes, reducing repetitive tasks.

Ease of Use

Enjoy user-friendly features like one-click conversion terms and conditions.

Comprehensive Tracking

Keep a close eye on stock levels, transactions, and pending orders.

Key features and benefits

Trading Software with Inventory Software


  • Material Request (MR): Convert MRs into Request for Quotations (RFQs) for suppliers or create RFQs directly for multiple suppliers.
  • Supplier Price Analysis: Use the analysis tool to evaluate supplier prices.
  • Purchase Orders: Issue purchase orders to selected suppliers.
  • Material Receipt: Record material receipts partially or in full.
  • VAT Purchase Entry: Automatically convert material receipts into VAT purchase entries. This saves time on manual entry in the VAT Purchase module.
  • Keep track of pending materials and outstanding supplier invoices.


  • Material Request (MR): Easily enter client or project inquiries. Input data manually or upload from an Excel sheet for quick and efficient handling. Set enquiry deadlines and reminders.
  • Quotation: Create quotations with ease and save standard terms and conditions for future use. Export quotes to PDF, Excel, Word, or attach them to Outlook for emailing.
  • Sales Order: Convert received orders into sales orders.
  • Delivery Notes: Generate delivery notes (fully or partially) from sales orders.
  • VAT Invoices: Create VAT invoices and seamlessly integrate them into the VAT module for accounting purposes. Keep track of pending deliveries and outstanding invoices.


  • Monitor all your stocks with comprehensive details such as descriptions, brands, and attachments.
  • Receive auto stock reminders when stock levels reach specified limits.
  • Access historical data on stock sales and purchases from various clients and suppliers.
  • Implement unit conversions (e.g., BOX to 12 pcs) and generate reports for individual stock items.
  • Manage multiple stores efficiently, including stock transfers between different locations.


  • Choose between perceptual and periodic inventory methods.
  • Set cost price calculations using FIFO, LIFO, or Average methods as per your requirements.
  • Automatic Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) posting to the finance system.


  • Enjoy user-friendly reporting screens with features like drag-and-drop column management, adding/removing columns, filtering, and searching with various conditions (e.g., equal to, greater than).
  • Save customized report designs for quick access, ensuring data is presented according to your preferences.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business Operations?

Explore QuickDice's Trading with Inventory Management Module today and experience a more efficient, organized, and informed approach to managing your business operations. Take the first step toward greater efficiency and profitability. Request a Demo now for Trading Software in Saudi Arabia!

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