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QuickDice Project Control Module

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QuickDice Project Control Module

Project Control Module

Welcome to QuickDice's Project Control Module in Saudi Arabia – the ultimate solution for managing all aspects of your projects, from sales and procurement to operations. Our comprehensive module is seamlessly integrated with all other modules, including Finance, VAT E-Invoice, HR and Manpower Rental, Equipment Rental, and Inventory, to provide you with a holistic view of each project.


Introducing the QuickDice Project management software in Saudi Arabia

The QuickDice Project management software in Saudi Arabiais a critical component of the wider QuickDice Project management software in Saudi Arabia suite, which is intended to revolutionise commercial project management and control methods. This module acts as the cornerstone, providing project managers, team leaders, and stakeholders with the information and resources needed to optimise project operations and ensure successful project completion.

Its complete feature set includes scheduling, budget and cost tracking, risk assessment and mitigation, real-time project monitoring, collaboration facilitation, resource allocation management, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. These features, when combined, enable organisations to effectively manage resources, closely monitor project progress, track and control expenses, mitigate risks proactively, and create cohesive cooperation.

Why Choose QuickDice Project Control Module?


Seamlessly integrate with all other modules for enhanced efficiency.

Management Reports

Easily generate reports to track project progress and performance.

Holistic Approach

Manage projects from sales and procurement to operations in one place.

Key features and benefits

QuickDice Project Control Module


  • Enjoy full integration with Finance, VAT E-Invoice, HR and Manpower Rental, Equipment Rental, and Inventory modules.
  • Get a 360-degree view of each project, making informed decisions easier than ever.


Access comprehensive project reports that include:

  • Project details and attachments.
  • Funds requested and utilized.
  • Materials, manpower, and equipment allocated and used.
  • Supplier bills and expense bills.
  • Client invoice details.


  • Each project is stored in a single file, providing a centralized repository of project-related information.


  • Generate management reports to track project progress and financial performance.


  • Gain deep insights into each project, facilitating better decision-making.


  • Connect each project to a specific cost center in finance for accurate P&L reporting.


  • Access user-friendly reporting screens with features like drag-and-drop column management, adding/removing columns, filtering, and searching with various conditions (e.g., equal to, greater than).
  • Save customized report designs for quick access, ensuring data is presented according to your preferences.

Ready to Take Control of Your Projects?

Explore QuickDice's Project Control Module today and experience a more organized, efficient, and profitable approach to project management. Get started now and Request a Demo to witness the difference!

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