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Quick Dice Equipment Rental Module

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QuickDice Equipment Rental Module

Equipment Rental Module

Welcome to QuickDice's Equipment rental software in Saudi Arabia – The ultimate solution for managing the entire process of sales, procurement, operations, and maintenance in your equipment rental business. This versatile module seamlessly integrates with accounts, inventory, and HR modules, offering you a comprehensive and streamlined solution.


Introducing the QuickDice Equipment rental software in Saudi Arabia

Robust software that transforms equipment rental management in a variety of sectors is the QuickDice Equipment Rental Software .

It provides a comprehensive and effective solution for businesses renting out equipment, with features like inventory management, reservation and booking capabilities, flexible pricing and billing structures, streamlined check-in/check-out processes, maintenance scheduling, insightful reporting and analytics, user permissions, mobile accessibility, seamless integrations, and CRM tools.

With the help of this module, businesses may improve customer service, cut down on errors, boost income, and streamline operations all of which help them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why Choose QuickDice's Equipment Rental Module?


Streamline your equipment rental process from start to finish.


Tailor reports and data views to your specific needs.


Access detailed equipment histories for informed decision-making.

Key features and benefits

QuickDice Equipment Rental Software


  • Access detailed equipment histories, including information, documents with expiry notifications, images, mobilization, and demobilization details.
  • Maintain operator details and equipment maintenance records.
  • Track equipment-related expenses and generate revenue and expense reports for each unit.


  • Manage the entire rental process, from enquiry to quotation to sales order to delivery.
  • Automatically generate timesheets monthly, based on the minimum hours set in the sales order, which can be adjusted as per client timesheets.
  • Maintain client timesheets, supplier timesheets, and operator timesheets for day and night shifts.
  • Convert timesheets into summary invoices and further into VAT invoices.


  • Enjoy user-friendly reporting screens with features like drag-and-drop column management, adding/removing columns, filtering, and searching with various conditions (e.g., equal to, greater than).
  • Save customized report designs for quick access, ensuring data is presented according to your preferences.


  • Save time by automating the invoice and purchase bill entry process, seamlessly integrated with finance.


  • Create purchase orders for suppliers and issue timesheets to suppliers.
  • Easily convert supplier timesheets into VAT purchase bill entries.

Ready to Elevate Your Equipment Rental Business?

Explore QuickDice's Equipment Rental Module today and experience a more efficient, organized, and profitable approach to managing your equipment rental operations. Get started now and Request a Demo to witness the difference!

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